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X with 2.4 kernel on a 6500


I have a strange problem with my 6500/275, with 96MB of RAM and about twice that
of swap.  I installed Woody and compiled a 2.4.16 kernel (thanks, vinai, Nathan
Ingersoll), with the tdfx framebuffer driver.  It is booting fine with BootX,
and so I installed the X window system.  Now it has severe problems, which show
up in usually two different ways:

1.  When I run startx, many startup messages scroll past, the screen goes black
for four or five seconds, then the text screen comes back with the last message
shown being something about XKB not working or failing to load (I am writing
this in the Mac side; I don't have the exact message).

2.  X comes up successfully, I can use it, but when I exit strange things

At this point, after either 1. or 2., every command I type that is not a shell
builtin gets either "Segmentation fault" or "Invalid instruction", and I have to
reboot with Control-Option-Power.  I think when I'm root it gives "Invalid
instruction" and as a normal user "segfault", but nothing at all shows up in the
log files.

I decided to be tricky, to avoid the 3-finger salute:  as root I did "shutdown
-h 5", switched to a different virtual terminal, got X running, quit out of X,
verified that any command segfaulted, then sat back and waited for the impending
reboot: no such luck.  At the end of five minutes the shutdown command
segfaulted and I got the root command prompt back, and every command I typed

Once it gave an Oops instead of the above problem (the oopses did get logged); I
ran the result through ksymoops.  I got these warnings:
Warning (read_lsmod): no symbols in lsmod, is /proc/modules a valid lsmod file?
Warning (compare_maps): mismatch on symbol xchg_u32  , ksyms_base says c000ba08,
vmlinux says c0006728.  Ignoring ksyms_base entry
Warning (Oops_read): Code line not seen, dumping what data is available
All three oopses started with this line:
>>NIP; c003b168 <get_hash_table+64/a4>   <=====

I am feeling a bit glum.  Has anyone experienced or fixed problems like these? 
or do I just have wierd and defective hardware?  Many thanks in advance for
help, ideas or pointers to documentation.

Arlie Capps

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