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Info on rtas and /proc/rtas & /proc/device-tree/rtas

Yesterday I was recompiling my kernel when I read the help dialog about

It says there that you can set the startup and shutdown time of the
computer (the same way that the Energy Settings on Mac OS 9)...

I tried to play aroundwith it, but the examples always point to
/proc/rtas/whatever, and that doesn't exist, but I do have the
/proc/device-tree/rtas. I know it's a read-only, but the kernel docs
suggest that if you have the entries there (/proc/device-tree/rtas) you
should be able to do somethings with it...

+  If you don't know if you can use RTAS look into
+  /proc/device-tree/rtas. If there are some entries, it is very likely
+  that you will be able to use RTAS.

I currently have these entries (it's a B&W G3 server)




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