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Re: Beige G3 won't boot

on 13/02/2002 22:34, Chris Tillman at tillman@azstarnet.com wrote:


>> Ah, thanks. I still have a few questions remaining... will I need to
>> download the entire Debian CD or can I get away with getting some files into
>> MacOS through sneakernet? Second, my first intent was to dual-boot OS X with
>> Debian, is this somehow feasible or do I have to keep OS 9 around? I'm still
>> somewhat unclear on the boot-through-BootX thing. Ideally I'd like to
>> eliminate the need for OS 9 entirely.
> I don't know if you can use BootX from OSX. At least, I haven't heard
> of anyone who's done that. If you have an exchange partition for data
> going between OS's, it would be best to make it HFS. Also, I'm not
> sure but I believe OSX depends on OS9 for its ability to run pre-OSX
> apps; you might be giving that up.

correct about OS X and OS 9. i have a friend who fairly recently installed
OS X, and he has to do just that.


> Also, although sometimes it's challenging, you can have a primitive
> dual-boot capability using quik once you've installed Linux. If that
> works, you could safely lose BootX. 

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