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Re: OT- Xine 0.9.8 (unstable version of sid tree) crashes when playing a DVD ( Power Mac G4 ), Woody PPC.

On 8 Feb 2002, Dabowl wrote:

> I try with the 1024x768 mode but i get the same error, my card is a ATI
> Rage 128 with 16 MByte memory.
> In the DVD HOWTO, they talk about MTRR what is that, do i need this ?

There's no MTRR on PowerPC (as far as I know - I don't know if the CPUs
even have such a feature, but it's certainly not supported yet in Linux if
it does exist). What depth are you using? Try depth 16 and depth 24, see
what happens in each. (I know XVideo works with Rage128s on PPC - I have a
G3 tower that I've use for video playback in Linux as well as an iBook,
and both handle it fine.)

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