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Re: I would like know if Debian support a PowerPC 405GP

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 11:16:47AM +0100, FELIX seb wrote:
> Hello, I am a new develloper with Linux. I have a french student.
>     I must install linux to a card with a PowerPC 405GP. I searched on
> your site and your documentation and I dont find a explicit answer.
> Debian is compatible or not with this processor??
> Does it exist a patch for this processor for a Debian utilisatioin???

I cannot recall anyone mentioning this machine on this list. It is an
embedded IBM processor, I found some information about the hardware
searching on the IBM site www.ibm.com for 405GP.

Also, a company has put Linux (couldn't tell whether it was Debian or
what) on it to make a machine called Ice Planet. You might search
Google for that.

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