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Re: PowerMac 9600 video questions

I've actually had very similar symptoms/results from with my 8500 using
an old ATI Mach 64 card.  Video modes and switching worked great in the
2.2 line, but with 2.4, I've only been able to get video using "ofonly"
with BootX and "fbdev" with XF 4.  Performance isn't too bad, but I do
wish I still had the options to switch video and colour modes in X ...

Did something break with the 2.2 -> 2.4 migration and video ?  Do folks
have the same symptoms with newer ATI cards (128 or Radeon cards) ?


On 2 Feb 2002, Michel [ISO-8859-1] Dänzer wrote:

> > 1) when giving extra kernel argument video=imsttfb
> > with or without "force video setting"
> > the machine boots fine, but after the few first kernels messages
> > the screen goes black.... I don't see any kernel boot messages, I have
> > to type blinkly.. or ssh the machine in order to reboot
> I don't know the status of the imstt driver on powerpc; it could be
> plain broken. You could also try the fbdev driver.

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