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Re: Questions about framebuffers and X (was: Re: XFree doesn't work (B&W Mac G3 - Ati r128))

> > 	a framebuffer? Is the xserver able to use the hardware as well
> > 	as it would in a x86?
> Yes. The only thing that the "UseFBDev" option does is tell the X server
> to use the /dev/fbX device (probably fb0) that corresponds to the system
> display to manage virtual consoles and display modes. Otherwise, if you
> aren't using the 'fbdev' driver, but the native driver (like with most
> Macs, the 'ati driver), it talks directly to the hardware for the actual
> drawing work.

Even with UseFBDev, the actuall pixel pushing will be done by talking
directly to the hardware. The 'fbdev' driver would be the one that
only lets you talk to the kernel driver. With video memory mapped to
user space, drawing a pixel still isn't any different there, just
acceleration won't work.


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