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Re: Segfault compiling kernels

> > Rebuild that (make distclean should throw away mkdep IIRC).
> Done. Same thing.

On second glance it appears the segfault wasn't from mkdep, sorry to get
you on the wrong track.

> So the segfault happens between make recursion depth changes (that's
> what's in brackets, right?). I tried running make under gdb, but since
> it spawns another make (which spawns another one), those childs are not
> running under gdb.

Isn't there a way to force gdb to attach to child processes as well?
Either way, gdb might be able to tell you which child signaled, at least.

> I'd run the command that segfaults directly, if I knew which one? Hm,
> make -n comes to mind... I'll have to see what that gives.

-n won't do anything so I'm not sure it'll act just as make (in case
targets get updated). Add a few echo "yadda" around the makefile to see
where it happens.

> > I'd blame libc though I really can't put a finger on why :-) If it's not a
> > bad memory issue. mkdep uses realloc quite a lot.
> Still: why is _nothing_ else crashing on this machine? During the
> complete install process, running netscape, mozilla, konqueror, what
> not... has not shown a single segfault.

What's make doing that's different from all other apps, other than forking
like hell and changing directory a lot?


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