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yaboot vs MacOS 9.2.2

   I think some of you folks may run into this problem if you have 
upgraded to MacOS 9.2.2 and have a slave drive with a bootstrap
HFS partition along with root and swap ext2/3 partitions on that drive.
It appears that starting with MacOS 9.2.2, the damn thing is deblessing
the bootstrap files so that yaboot no longer starts up. For example
on my machine, I find that 

boot-device ultra1:9,\\:tbxi

no longer works after MacOS 9.2.2 has been booted and I am forced to
either run ybin again to rebless the bootstrap or use

boot-device ultra1:9,yaboot

Unfortunately the later isn't really a solution because it seems to
short-circuit yaboots use of the boot menus which I still want. Hopefully
BenH can modify yaboot so that it will provide the boot menus when
invoked as above. This is so annoying as I just got done reformatting
my drive last month to put back the MacOS drivers on my slave drive
since their absence caused MacOS X 10.1 to continually query if I wanted
to initialize the linux slave drive. The joys of triple booting. Ugh.

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