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TiBook crashing while asleep

My 1st-gen titanium powerbook used to sleep fine until I rsynced up to
2.4.15-pre4-benh.  Now it crashes while asleep.  If I leave it asleep
overnight, it will be dead in the morning about every third night.  This
happens while in X or not.  If at the console, I can see that the
machine wakes up, and the last message printed is something to the
effect of "setting PIO mode 4" for my hard disk.  Related?

On a related note, it seems that yaboot doesn't know how to boot from a
crashed ext3 filesystem.  It makes ext3 kind of useless if I have to
boot from a CD to fix the filesystem after every crash.  Is there a
config option to make yaboot boot a dirty ext3 filesystem?


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