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Re: PPC Port pages: dynamic "supported model list" and poll

on 11/11/01 5:05 AM using moldy cheese erbenson@alaska.net engraved this

> On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 02:36:03AM -0500, sloopy malibu wrote:
>> i volunteered to do this on penguinppc a few days ago[1] and got no reply on
> sorry, you didn't sound very certain.
> we should probably ask jeramy what he thinks too, he has been
> restructuring some things on penguinppc and is getting more picky
> about not carrying things which are the vendor's responsibility to document.

i didnt sound certin? ok, my apologies for not being clear... :'| but the
app i am making isnt going to be debian specific nor linux specific...
it will also recommend mkLinux for appropriate machines... so far it
includes the distro's; debian, yellow dog, mandrake, suse, and mklinux...
i have a running app on my machine that only reports that my machine runs
five dists... (8500/233...)  and this i think would be useful to the linux
community in general at most, and my personal knowledge at least...
I still need to add the info for other machines and add code to save a
profile to be emailed to me for newworld machine... i should have it ready
by next sat/sun (i will be in NY all week so i wont be able to work on this
week...) for a first dev release...

also if you are wondering about my html credentials you can go to my
employers web site http://www.not-taxed.com  (note: i mostly only did the
pages with the generator name of sloopy...)


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