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Re: PPC Port pages: dynamic "supported model list" and poll

on 11/11/01 12:03 AM using moldy cheese treacy@debian.org engraved this

> On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 12:36:45AM +0200, Andreas Wüst wrote:
>> James Treacy wrote:
>>> The powerpc port pages are currently unmaintained.
>> You mean there is nobody who contributes new/fixed/updated content?
> That is exactly what I am saying.
>>> Hope this helps. BTW, if this thread continues, it would probably
>>> help to open it up to debian-powerpc.
>> It seems that it would be best to put together some fixes and contact you
>> again after having it all completed, and ask you to upload them? Or should
>> we look out for a new powerpc maintainer with access to the cvs?
> For the reasons mentioned above, I suggest finding a new maintainer for
> the powerpc pages.

i volunteered to do this on penguinppc a few days ago[1] and got no reply on
it... nor did anyone ask me about the debian pages themselves... but either
way i am opening my mouth again, and this time also extending the offer to
and/or do the debian gnu/linux ppc port pages, if it is not objectionable to


p.s. what i am refering to below as doing it for mac model is i am writing a
     macos app for a user to d/l and run and it will tell them if linux has
     been tested on their machine (on older models it will just give the
     minimum kernel version for suggested use..) and which boot loader to
     use (xboot/yaboot) i am doing this more as an 'excercise left to the
     reader' that i am gonna to GPL and set it free...
p.p.s. and as soon as i send this i will sub to the debian-www list...

on 11/5/01 2:56 AM using moldy cheese erbenson@alaska.net engraved this

> but again, if someone would like to maintain a relativly distro
> independent hardware list on penguinppc let me know for an account.  i
> don't think the current lists have anyone really doing much maintainence.

i can volunteer for this... i am going to be compiling something similar for
mac models so adding the other ppc ports wouldnt be much trouble...


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