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RE: Problem with Kernel Installation


Thanks for the reply.  I looked into it and finally found that the
problem was that I was compiling a zImage, not a vmlinux.  I also was
not copying the System.map file over to the /boot directory after
compiling.  My kernel now works :)

Douglas G. Phillips
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Eastern Illinois University

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: Subject: Re: Problem with Kernel Installation
: On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Douglas G. Phillips wrote:
: > I built my own kernel, and installed it into the /boot 
: directory.  I 
: > also copied the kernel into the "Linux Kernels" directory 
: under MacOS. 
: > But when I try to boot the new kernel, the machine hangs 
: without even 
: > trying to boot the kernel (i.e., it hangs while still in 
: MacOS).  The 
: > stock kernel works just fine.  What am I doing wrong?
: Are you sure you're using the right kernel image format for 
: what BootX expects? Have you checked its documentation to see 
: which kernel format it is supposed to load (ELF, XCOFF, 
: compressed, uncompressed, etc.)?
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