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Re: Supported models

> > one thing to keep in mind is woody will ship with a specific kernel
> > (probably 2.2.19 or 2.2.20) and will not ever upgrade that kernel once
> > woody is stable.  so when the current kernel that supports some new
> > mac is 4.4.12 debian woody will still be using 2.2.19 which won't
> > support the new machine.  no new kernel will be available until the
> > next stable release after woody, in 2043.
> Perhaps we should suck down the list penguinppc.org has at the time
> woody goes frozen.  2.2.20-pre12 should be working on everything listed
> there.

Maybe. I think it's a red herring though - woody won't be released until
kernel 5.0 at the earliest and that'll be after kernel development has
slowed to a crawl anyway. Did I mention Apple went out of business 10
years before that date? :-)

On a slightly more serious note: maybe the penguinppc.org list should have
a 'you need at least kernel 2.x.y for this machine' note for the newer
models. We can then point to that list for those that happen to install
woody on their brand new G42 in future millennia. People have been known
to install kernel upgrades on occasion.


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