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Re: TiBook Dual Display

> > What are the issues preventing a Dual Head X configuration on a TiBook
> > (1st generation, i.e., Rage128 Mobility).
> Mainly that, from what I understand, the 2-heads-off-one-CRTC model that
> dual-head with notebooks using the Rage Mobility family chips use is
> mostly undocumented. I can only imagine that trying to get one CRTC (draw
> engine) to do the drawing for 2 heads is a serious bit of magic. (I think

There's only one CRTC? The LT Pro has two, and in that case it looks
pretty straightforward (set both to a different offset in VRAM, and
program the modes individually).

> > I am willing to help, and I can code, but I am definitley not a kernel
> > hacker (as anyone who has seen my caps lock hack can tell...).
> Unless you can squeeze the necessary docs out of ATI (either in the clear,
> or under NDA w/source exception, like the XFree guys have to do), I don't
> think this feature will be available to Linux users for awhile.

Becoming a member of XFree might help there...


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