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Re: MASQ/Firewall on a Mac?

At 3:39 PM +0200 10/13/01, Michel Dänzer wrote:
On Sat, 2001-10-13 at 06:27, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
 I'm thinking of setting up my Mac 8500 with Debian PowerPC to use it as a
 firewall and IP Masquerading server.  Does this work OK, and are there any
 issues I should know about?

 Like does the kernel support for this work OK on PowerPC, and have the user
 space utilities been ported to PowerPC?

Yes and yes. Such software shouldn't have any architecture dependencies
so they would be very badly written if they didn't work out of the box
in the first place.

The only caveat I would add is that if you want to use iptables
instead of ipchains, you'll need to get a 2.4 kernel that works
reliably on PowerPC.  I have been using a stock 2.4.10 kernel on a
C500 (603e chip) that seems to work pretty good (except for the
AdvanSys scsi drivers).  I don't run it as a masquerade/firewall box.

My masquerade/firewall box is a 7200/90 running stable, with a 2.2.x
kernel and ipchains.  works fine for me.


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