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MASQ/Firewall on a Mac?

I'm thinking of setting up my Mac 8500 with Debian PowerPC to use it as a
firewall and IP Masquerading server.  Does this work OK, and are there any
issues I should know about?

Like does the kernel support for this work OK on PowerPC, and have the user
space utilities been ported to PowerPC?  Would I be better off with a 2.2 or a
2.4 kernel - I understand 2.4 has much richer support for packet filtering.

I had been intending to buy a cheap x86 PC to do this but things are kind of
tight lately, and I don't expect to be working in Mac OS on my Mac much in the
near future, so I might as well do this with my Mac.

Presently the 3 machines in my house are sharing a 56k dialup connection
(broadband not available in the Maine woods) through an NT box running WinRoute
Pro.  WinRoute corrupts tcp data transmitted through it; when I download a
compressed file, it won't decompress, and when I use secure shell through it,
the SSH session locks up after a few minutes.  Also SMTP mail sometimes can't be
sent through it.  I'd like to stop using WinRoute and adopt a Free Software
solution.  At least I could fix it if there were problems.


Michael D. Crawford
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