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Re: Can't find video card

Colin and Damien,
Thanks for the response.  My situation, which you guys, Colin in
particular, may remember from previous posts, is that I'm booting
the system from the install CD.  Which is, I think, taking the 
kernel from the install CD.  All efforts so far to burn a new
bootable CD have failed.  So I assume I can't upgrade and keep the 
boot configured as it is at present which, for reasons not worth 
boring everybody with again, I would like to keep working the way
it is.  If anybody sees a way to  upgrade to Woody and still boot
the way I am, please let me know as it would appartently solve all
my problems and I would happily do so.  Thanks again 
>> Thanks for your message.  This is most useful.  I don't know if you
>> will have seen my response to Matt Brubeck on this subject, but in
>> it I said I was coming to this conclusion about the version also,
>> but that my next question is, can I upgrade just XFree86, or even
>> just the driver, rather than the whole system?  Any advice here
>> would be most appreciated.
>Not really.  I think there are backports of XFree 4.1 to potato
>somewhere, but I doubt they're compiled for powerpc anyways.
>Upgrading to woody is easy.
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