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Re: request for help to make powerpc custom boot disks

> Ethan Benson writes:
> > not quite, MacOS drivers are not required on floppies, they are on
> > everything else (hard disks, CDROMs etc).  floppies are the only
> > exception and thats the only reason miboot boot-floppies are possible
> > in debian (thats what boot-hfs.bin is).
> Huh?
> 1. firmware reads CD-ROM (therefore must have a driver)
> 2. firmware demands MacOS code
> 3. firmware executes MacOS code ???
> 4. firmware loads the OS
> Um, OK... as long as step 3 doesn't seriously happen, one could
> fake out the firmware with a dummy MacOS driver. I wouldn't
> expect Apple to have PGP signed these drivers.

It won't be necessary - 1) only works on machines that have OF support for
booting from CD I think. With no requirement for MacOS drivers on
floppies, we can load a bootstrap from floppy directly.

Booting from CDs on the old machines might work the way you describe if
all that OF asks is to run driver_init. From what I've seen discussed
before that's not the case (you need the CD drivers and a fake system file
to get the MacOS ROM even load your stuff from CD).

My mistake was that I assumed there was a 'hard' reason why the user
couldn't get the HFS boot floppy to work. Apparently he just didn't try
building it the hard way.


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