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Can't find video card

I think I may have obscured the issue with earlier posts, so let me back up and
start over.  I have recently installed potato on a G4.  Installed Xwindows, from
CD.  The configuration gave me the message that it couldn?t determine the video
card and, I think, stopped.  At least, it didn?t ask any more questions.  Now when
I do startx it fails, saying ?cannot open mouse (no such file or directory).  The
mouse is  a one button Apple USB optical mouse. The video card is a Rage 128 Pro. xviddetect gives ?unable to determine driver for video card?.  There is no ?/dev/input/mice? or ?/dev/usbmouse?file. I have tried to  find something relevant
in the archives, but without much success.
My questions are:  Is the problem the video card, not the mouse?  Or both?
How do I tell it what the video card is?  How do I tell it what the mouse is and/or
get it to work with same?  Sorry if all this is stupid/basic/newbie, but I?ve run out
of ideas for experiments to try.  Any help  would be most appreciated.

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