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Re: Sound problems

On  11 Oct, this message from Derrik Pates echoed through cyberspace:
> On 11 Oct 2001, Michel Dänzer wrote:
>> Have you tried the main volume (there's an option about this in the xmms
>> OSS output plugin preferences) and speakers mixers (in case you're using
>> the internal speakers)?
> Well, considering he said that no mixer app will even start up, that gives
> me the impression that mixer control isn't working on Screamer (or at
> least not with Screamer on the G4 PowerBook)...

Hmmm.... aumix does run on my TiBook, and I can change the volume;
albeit it increases _a_lot_ with minimal slider movement. I didn't have
the opportunity to test it further since for me xmms w/ cdread has never
produced anything else than noise.

Whoever got xmms to work for CD playing: what kernel version? What xmms
/ cdread version?

Also, the DVD drive in (at least my) TiBook seems to be unable to read
Audio CDs as an IDE device; I have to use it under the SCSI emulation
(some people have already reported this).



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