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Re: New Altivec-enabled vlc available

On 11 Oct 2001, Michel Dänzer wrote:

> On Sun, 2001-10-07 at 16:35, Michel Lanners wrote:
> > I've uploaded a new Altivec-enabled version of vlc (built from the
> > 20011004 snapshot). It is available here:
> >
> > http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/debian/vlc-snapshot-20011004
> >
> > Sorry, single files only. Once I figure out how to make a apt-get'able
> > repository I'll clean up.
> Please do, and most importantly fix the versions. 'snapshot-xxx' is
> considered newer than any numeric version, so your packages will never
> be automatically upgraded to official packages.
> A common version scheme for CVS snapshots is x.x+cvs2001xxxx-n .
> OTOH with vlc 0.2.90 entering sid soon your packages will be obsolete
> anyway, won't they? :)

Are there any debs in sid with support for playing CSS-encrypted disks?  I
couldn't find any in non-us or non-free.


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