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Re: Sound problems

On 11 Oct 2001, John Goerzen wrote:

> An update -- xmms works fine on my tibook, with one exception.  It's
> volume control has zero effect.  This might confirm my earlier
> thoughts about that.  Unfortunately, arts doesn't work so my usual
> mixer software won't work, xmix doesn't even excute on ppc, and aumix
> seems ineffectual as well.  Hmmph.

Yay. I'm sure it's ALSO using an I2C-based mixer control arrangement,
which is, I'm sure, different from Texas/Tumbler (iBook2) and DACA
(iBook). Can you enable the i2c-keywest driver under the I2C configuration
options, and let me know how many I2C buses it sees? (They'll be visible
under /proc/bus.)

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