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Re: fn key on lombard (and up) powerbooks...

On Wed, 2001-10-10 at 13:06, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> ... (register 0 would report keycodes, register 2 would hold modifier
> key states and LED states - here's the long sought after capslock

<drool>Aahhhh.... CapsLock bit... Aaaahhh...</drool>


Now, CapsLock can become a truly viable Control key!

I am currently using a partial solution, that is vunerable to spurious
events, though only when the CapLock light is on...

That will also mean that the code to fix capslock will be robust, and
therefore viable for inclusing in the kernel... Which means I no longer
have to apply my silly little patch each time I rsync ben's kernel! 

Gregory P. Keeney
Mad Computer Scientist

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