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Re: request for help to make powerpc custom boot disks

> > a good explanation (or a link to an Howto or a FAQ on it) would be greatly
> > appreciated. I really need to solve this problem...
> >
> I can hazard a guess that the reason you're not hearing anything here, is
> that the capability to make a boot floppy for powerpc's doesn't exist yet.
> You're plowing new ground, there aren't any FAQs or HowTo's.

It's a Mac, right? One of the old ones, with RealBrokenFirmware, at that?
If that OF version cannot boot off a floppy directly, you're out of luck
(if I understood Ethan's post on that topic right, you'd need to have
MacOS drivers on that floppy, these are proprietary and cannot be
distributed by Debian. See the archives for this).

Even if OF was up to the task: 'floppy' and 'without user intervention'
doesn't sound quite right to me. Last time I checked, MacOS would spit out
the floppy on shutdown/reboot.
If that doesn't scare you - the CHRP boot scripts commonly used to pick
Linux or MockOS, plus whatever OF-loadable bootstrap, plus some code in
the kernel to extract and relocate a compressed kernel, might do the

If _I_ may hazard a guess: it's probably been considered too hard and not
useful enough to try by others. You need the feature, you're in the best
position to implement it.


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