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Re: fn key on lombard (and up) powerbooks...

Michael Schmitz <schmitz@opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:

> So we need to do the same for the keyboard device as for the
> trackpad: store it's device state before sleep. We just need a way
> to locate it :-)

Right...the fnset code uses a type value (this doesn't seem to be the
same as the handler value as seen in the kernel messages).  It's just
the second byte of the keyboard adb registers:

here's the output of fnset with -d:

=== reading all registers for device 2. ===
writing 2 bytes: { 0x00 0x2c }
read 0 bytes
writing 2 bytes: { 0x00 0x2d }
read 3 bytes: { 0x2d 0x04 0x01 }

writing 2 bytes: { 0x00 0x2e }
read 3 bytes: { 0x2e 0xff 0xff }
writing 2 bytes: { 0x00 0x2f }
read 3 bytes: { 0x2f 0x62 0xc3 }
=== done reading all registers for device 2. ===

I believe this is just a sanity check to skip over other keyboards,
and presumably other keyboards have a different value in this
location... *shrug* (I /really/ don't know)

> I need to try that - just got it to work for me at all :-) Maybe the
> trackpad state also sticks now ??

I don't know...

Josh Huber                                   | huber@debian.org |

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