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Re: fn key on lombard (and up) powerbooks...

Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> writes:

> BTW, since n is an integer in that program, the format string of %ld
> is incorrect to deal with it and the correct fix is not to use a
> type cast, but to remove the l of the format string.  

Yes, I made a mistake on one of the format fixes.  I did remove the l
in the other strings.

> The I think that the same should apply to the sz variable (but I'm
> not so sure about this one).

I'd rather cast it to a long, because sz is a size_t, and we don't
know what it's defined to be.  A long should hopefully be big enough
to hold anything that size_t is defined to be.  Not that this really
matters at all...

> Also, there is a problem with a format string, which has only %: and
> which should have %s instead.

I fixed that in my patch.

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