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Re: Mozilla problems with PPC?

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Paul F. Pearson wrote:

> This may not be the most appropriate forum to ask this, but I'm at a loss.
> I know folks have been using Mozilla for a while, and so I can't help but
> think that it should be more stable thatn I'm seeing.
> AT work, we're behind a n http proxy. I have no idea what the server
> name/port is, because our Netscape machines use an automatic proxy
> configuration. I tried setting Mozilla up for that same configuration, and
> it didn't work.
> As I said, I figures Mozilla would implement this feature - is it
> something I screwed up in PPC?
> I downloaded and installed Mozilla M18-?? using dselect.

M18 is over a year old.  Ten releases have followed, and many proxy
auto-configuration bugs have been fixed.

Please try a more recent version of Mozilla.  The current version is 0.9.4
(this would be M28 if there was such a thing).  I use it on PPC and it
works great.


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