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Re: New Altivec-enabled vlc available

On   8 Oct, this message from David Schleef echoed through cyberspace:
> On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 08:08:27AM -0700, Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:
>> On Sun, 7 Oct 2001, Michel Lanners wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > I've uploaded a new Altivec-enabled version of vlc (built from the
>> > 20011004 snapshot). It is available here:
>> Wow you are a genius :):):)

Go slowly ;-) I hardly compiled the debs, that's all. Thank Michel
Lespinasse (mpeg2dec)and Christophe Massiot (videolan team). OK, I
helped them debug the stuff, but that's all.

>>  How did you manage to get those nasty old
>> Altivec tools to work on a recent Linux?  Or did you x-compile from MacOS
>> X?
> Binutils is already altivec enabled, and there are no problems
> assembling source.  Debian's gcc-2.95 does not have the altivec
> intrisics patch applied by default, and for a good reason, since
> it fails compiling anything that is remotely non-trivial.
> Nevertheless, I keep an altivec-enabled gcc around because it is
> about 1000 times faster than me at converting altivec intrinsics
> into well-scheduled instructions.  I use that to convert to assembly,
> fix up the assembly, and then use the assembly as the source.

That seems to be the way most people do.



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