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OT: Nubus Project Site


I'm planning to build up a site especially for Nubus-PowerPCs. The 
nubus-pmac.sourcefore.net - project is a well start for kernels. But I'm 
missing a place where I find tips & tricks using my PowerPC with Linux.

I know there are a lot of small pages. But when I'm looking for help, it 
takes a lot of time to find the right.

So my idea was to build up such like a portal, for all Nubus-PowerPC-Users, 
because a lot of people use this computers although they are not really 
supported by Linux.

This portal should be a contribute to all the free developers and hackers who 
invest their time to bring Linux to Nubus-machines.

So if there exists a project in this way, pleas let me know. I don't want to 
create a copy...

Otherwise if not, I'm looking for people who wants to help, sending articles, 
programming needful tools or something in this way. 

If you are interested, mail me and you get more details.



PS: the technical basis of the site would be a modified PHP-Nuke-Portal at 

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