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Re: Need help updating the time

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 07:01:26PM -0500, Patrick R . Klee wrote:
> I need to know the program and command for setting the time properly.  I 
> live in Wichita, KS USA, and I know there is a program for getting off 
> of the net, and a server in Misouri, but I need the name of the program, 
> the ip of the server and the command for retrieving the time.

apt-get install ntpdate # for simple boot time/manual sync
apt-get install ntpd # for complicated continual sync

tzconfig for timezone configuration, or adjust the /etc/localtime
symlink yourself, or set the TZ variable in your shell.

> Thanks
> --
> Patrick Klee - MacOS and Debian/GNU Linux PPC guru

oh really...

Ethan Benson

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