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Re: XFree86 update question

> > By building kernel packages that have no old style ADB keyboard support
> > anymore? (At least that's what I understood from Ethan's mail.)
> you are wrong.  i am typing this mail with an ADB keyboard and my
> kernel has no support for using adb keycodes, i am using linux
> keycodes.

At most, I'm not being precise enough in expressing myself here. "old
style ADB keyboard support" means ADB keyboard support through the
mac_keyb.c driver, not the HID driver. For all I know this implies ADB
keycodes. I did not mean to imply ADB keyboards are not supported or some

To return to the topic at hand: I had the impression that ADB keycode
support is removed from current boot-floppies kernels, is that correct?

> > Or by disabling the old adbmouse driver when HID mouse support is
> > configured, though both drivers happily coexist? (a kernel source issue,
> > this one)
> HID has been mandatory and solely supported since potato r2.

That kind of thing pulled off in the middle of a stable release was
calling for trouble, that's all I say. Anyway, it's ancient history, and
I'm not the one who answers the questions on that topic so I could care


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