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Re: XFree86 update question

Michael Schmitz wrote:
things easier in the long run. Plus we better hash this out now and come
up with a few solutions for the transition. I just resent breaking
backwards compatibility, that's all.

Where exactly do we break backwards compatibility? A knowledgeable user can
still use ADB keycodes if he absolutely wants to for a reason I can't imagine.

By building kernel packages that have no old style ADB keyboard support
anymore? (At least that's what I understood from Ethan's mail.)


Or by disabling the old adbmouse driver when HID mouse support is
configured, though both drivers happily coexist? (a kernel source issue,
this one)

Don't give people bad ideas like that, after we're gonna have to answer questions about trackpads not working on Apple laptops. ADB keycodes are not related to ADB hardware at all, USB keyboards used to use ADB keycodes on Pmac. If you have a laptop *do* put in ADB drivers if you want to be able to use your keyboard/trackpad. *Do not* put in "use ADB keycodes".


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