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Re: Unidentified subject!

Individual . . wrote:
Startups into Linux now take about 1 minute more. This is because the startup process is interrupted at this point:

eth0 Found Broadcom BCM5201 PHY
Link state change, phy_status: 0x782d
                Link up ! BCM5201 Aux_stat 0x003d

It appears long enough for me to write it down, and then it appears again. After that startup proceeds normally. I believe it is searching for hardware that I may or may not have. I have one ethernet card on an iMac DV. After startup i do not have access to internet (DHCP configured cable modem accessed through an ethernet hub).

I can't remember having done anything that might have affected my setup... but then again, who knows?
Any suggestions, kind people :-)  ?

This is DHCP hanging, you probably use pump that doesn't work with most cable modems. Install a working dhcp client (like dhcp-client) and you should be set.


PS: Please, put a subject in your mails: with the screen name you use, it looks almost like spam

/Bastien Nocera

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