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stupid kernel question

 I am running the testing branch, i just did a apt-get update. I am a
little new at debian and at the ppc. I am from the redhat i386 world. I
just downloaded 2.4.9 and the latest prepatch. When I go to do a make
xconfig over the network (i am running an ibook2 with an old kernel so
no local X) all I get is a dialog menu with:

save and exit
quit w/o saving
load configuration from file
store configiguration to file

Where are all of the kernel config menus? 
 And with benh's kernels being temp gone what is the easiest way to get
X running on my Ibook2? I need to get th 2.4 kernel runing. And what is
the status of ncurses? apt-get says that there is no candidate...

Thanks in advance. Soon enough i will get the hang of debian/ppc
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