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Re: Problem with XFree and Internal LCD screen

Laurent de Segur wrote:

> Under xfree86 4.0.1 (woody), I reported earlier that I was getting a message
> stating that the monitor couldn't be found.

Nope, it said no usable screens could be found. Screen in X terminology means
a display unit as defined by a Section "Screen".

> I started experimenting with the XF86Config  script and simply removed the
> 'Option "UseFBDev" "true"' from the Device section. Then I entered startx
> and I didn't get this message anymore. X started! So this particular option
> was causing the error message I got under 4.0.1 all along.

That option can't work with video=ofonly, it needs aty128fb on your machine.

> But even if X started, things didn't work really, my LCD started to flicker
> and the screen lighted up with weird patterns like if sand was flooding the
> display from the bottom.

That was the graphics chip hanging up because it got programmed with bogus
values. Either put the UseFBDev option back (recommended) or

	Option		"ProgramFPRegs"	"off"


	Option		"PanelWidth" "1024"
	Option		"PanelHeight" "768"

> Right now, I don't know how I can reboot in terminal mode only because I
> know that if I restart with Linux, X will kick on again and do the same. I
> don't want to take any risk.

At the yaboot prompt, append 'single' to the label you want to boot.

PS: You haven't brought a single issue up yet which hasn't been discussed on
this list before. There are several searchable archives...

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