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Re: Problems Mounting HFS on Mac & Linux

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 05:58:47PM -0400, Individual . . wrote:
> Hi all!
> When I did all the partitioning required for the installation of 
> Debian, I left a 200 MB chunk to be used as an HFS exchange volume. 
> Today, after I have got most everything sorted out, I decided to 
> initialize it, create it, in other words, get it working. HD Setup 
> wouldnt let me format just that little chunk of the disk, it said it 
> had to wipe out everything, etc, etc, so I decided to use mac-fdisk 
> under Linux. I created a new partition with the free space, called it 
> "exchange" and made it of type Apple_HFS. Upon restarting into MacOS, 
> however, it did not show up on the desktop and HD Setup does not list 
> it as one of the partitions (in the List of Volumes it shows upon 
> startup). I have a feeling there's something I'm missing here: would 
> someone please point out what it is?
> Thanx.
> Paul

Is there a MacOS driver partition on the disk? If not, you will have to use a
third party MacOS utility to install a driver - I do not know if Drive Setup is
capable of installing drivers without initializing the entire disk.


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