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Re: Off-Center Screen on iMacDV

> > I've just installed Debian (potato) and it seems that all is well... 
> > except a few minor issues, and this is the most irritating one: When 
> > in the bash shell (not an X terminal; haven't figured out how to set 
> > up and get X running yet), the output to the screen seems to be 
> > slightly off center: the first half letter or maybe the first whole 
> [snip...]
> > to recompile the kernel... Any suggestions?
> yeah :)
> i modify my screen properties frem mas os 9 and i shifted a lot to the
> right side. i rebooted and i'was entered in the firmware pressing
> the (apple)+(option)+o+f keys and the monitor was shifted to right!!!
> so the parameter are stored in the nvram!!!
> and if them are stored in nvram u can change them with the firmware!
> (i love such a firmware... even if it cost me a lot of time to study it!)

i think to had said a beastiality!!! (pardon moi)
all monitor implements something called preset(s) and recall the
same parameter for each video mode.... but....
i rebooted from mac os9 in 1024x768 and open firmware entered
in 1024x768 mode.... so i try to reboot from mos os 9 in 640x480
and open firmware entered in 640x480!!!
i believe that the smartest way to make this is to save the video mode
in nvram... for the video setting i have some doubt :(


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