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Re: [NOTICE] penguinppc.org offline


Ethan Benson wrote:
before this list becomes saturated with questions about this issue...

as you probably already know penguinppc.org is offline, and has been
for most of the last week of August.

All i know about the matter is jeramy is moving it to a new hosting
provider (this is the topic he left in #ppclinux before departing).
I don't know why this move is occuring, or why it was so sudden.  It
would appear that Jeramy left to LWCE before completing it so
penguinppc will likely remain offline until sometime next week (the
first week of September).  My guess is this was not planned or

The hosting company went bust...

I was not told anything about this, i don't know anything more then
you, i think the only person who knows anything is Jeramy, and he is
not available right now. Please be patient. If i don't hear from jeramy soon i will call him.

/Bastien Nocera

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