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X-Server-Problems again


I've written to this list a few days ago and have tried to set up my X-Server
with the tips all the people gave me. But no there is a new failure and the
Server does not start :-(

<--- snip --->
Couldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb'
(**) FBDev: Using default frame buffer video mode

Fatal server error:
fbdevScreenInit: unable to set screen params (Invalid argument)
<--- snap --->

I want the X-server to search for a mode he could display, so there are a lot
of default modes in my XF86Config. (The ones that are already in there after
installing debian 2.2rev3).

So I set the following to the Screen Section:

<--- snip --->

Section "Screen"
	Driver "fbdev"
	Device "My Video Card"
	Monitor "My Monitor"
	DefaultColorDepth 16

	SubSection "Display"
		Depth 8
		Modes "default"

<--- snap --->

This is set up to Depth 32 in this way. I need to look for a default mode
because I don't know the exactly specifications of the screen (it's a
powerbook 1400).

Perhaps somebody could work on it and help me to get X running!

Greetz :-))




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