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Re: xserver-xfree86 4.1.0-2 fails where 4.0.2-7puetzk worked

> Distribution: pure 'testing'
> Version:      4.1.0-2
> Kernel:       kernel-image-2.2.19-pmac 2.2.19-2
> Installing the new xserver-xfree86 4.1.0-2 from unstable causes an
> error:
> (WW) ATI:  PCI/AGP Mach64 in slot 0:17:0 could not be detected!
> (EE) No devices detected.
> With a subsequent kernel crash:
>  flan kernel: Kernel panic: machine check

Wallstreet and 2.2 kernel, and you boot using BootX I suppose? Please send
the full X server log (the section about PCI device probing/fixup might
prove interesting) and the output of lspci -v before starting X (and
perhaps after if you manage to do that :-P).


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