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Re: [OT] Network file sharing

On Friday, July 13, 2001, at 05:24 PM, James Tyson wrote:

I have NFS and SMB shares on my network for accessing things like my mp3
and DivX archives, (SMB for my neighbor, who uses windows) and I was
wondering what I can use to share files on my Linux box to my iBook when I
have the misfortune of being in MacOS

Sorry about the off-topic post. Thanks in advance.


James Tyson ---
Samizdat New Media Solutions

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FYI, since no-one seems to have mentioned it, Mac OS X supports NFS, once you have worked out how to set it up. That might fit with your existing set-up, assuming you don't need to boot native into a Mac OS 9 or previous environment. Check out a third party utility called NFSManager, which comes with helpful instructions, should you decide to go this route.


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