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Re: Sleep on TiBook, getting Gnome sounds working

> >Thanks. BTW /proc/apm is broken on my Lombard (returns -1 for both
> >timeleft and percentage), I'll look into that soonish.
> That's weird. Make sure you get the latest tree. Also, does

I used your tree rsynced two days ago. 

> proc/pmu/battery_0 (or _1) says anything relevant ?

schmitz@michael:~$ cat /proc/pmu 
PMU driver version     : 2
PMU firmware version   : 0b
AC Power               : 0
Battery count          : 0

No /proc/pmu/battery. Please note that this is on AC power so I'd expect
it to say AC power 1. Same result on battery power. 

schmitz@michael:~$ cat /proc/apm 
0.5 1.1 0x00 0x00 0xff 0xff -1% -1 min

Boot message: 

PMU driver 2 initialized for 1999 PowerBook G3, firmware: 0b

> I use the same PMU request for Lombard & Pismo, but I added
> to the older pmud code some test for different possible
> response formats. This may be broken.

I think the same request works on both (I stole the same code from pmud).
I haven't had time to compare your code with mine yet, that should give
some hints. 


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