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Re: Sound on new iBook (icebook)

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Michel [iso-8859-1] Dänzer wrote:

> Falk Stern wrote:
> > I installed successfully Debian sid on my new iBook. Everything works. X11
> > was a little hassle but works accelerated, pmu works (only have to switch
> > to some tty before going to sleep, otherwise my X screen is garbage).
> Use Option "UseFBDev" for X or APM emulation in the kernel.

Um.. That would mean using slow Framebuffer video, right? tty switching
works before and after sleep, only the accelerated X server can't cope
with suspend. So I rather switch to a text console before putting the
iBook to sleep and have accelerated X than using FBDev.. 

> VT switching after wakeup should work as well.

so far


The X approach to device independence is to treat everything like a 
MicroVAX framebuffer on acid. - The Unix Haters Handbook on X11

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