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Re: Power Management (WAS: Sharing Fiwerwire Disk with Digidesign ProTools and Debian)

> > Yup. I need to look at what apmd does and if it makes sense to
> > provide support for it or not, but in the meantime, there's
> > probably no need for it. That should be confirmed however.
> > 
> > Ben.
> OK, it seems fair for me to resume my work on pmud then. I wasn't sure 
> if pmud was going to stick around if your apm emulation was complete 
> enough. I reckon we still need pmud because we're just different ;)

How much code bloat do we want to put up with, just to pretend PowerMacs
have APM bios just as all Real Computers do? 
> I'm also working on switching pmud to use a unix socket instead of a 
> internet socket which should speed it up quite a bit.

Maybe - though I doubt it's that much of a speedup, and I even more doubt
that this part of pmud execution is having any impact. Unix sockets would
allow for filesystem based access control, that's a lot more important if 
you're paranoid about some random local user snoozing your machine. 
> Michael, do you think that libapm4pmud could find its place in a 
> pmud-dev package or such ?

I'd make it a separate package - after all you'll perhaps need the shared
library to run the apps, not just the stubs to compile them, which is what
normally goes in -dev (we'd need to have pmud-libs just for the shared
libraries otherwise, or include them with the pmud package proper). Unless
your problem is lack of developer status... that can be fixed though ;-)

In the end, it all boils down to what dependencies your package would add.
I'd like to keep pmud proper depending on pretty much nothing else, that's
why Batmon etc. were split off into pmud-utils. It's no use to have a
lean pmud package depend on something bloated like wish :-) 


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