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Re: Power Management (WAS: Sharing Fiwerwire Disk with Digidesign ProTools and Debian)

> >That part was actually fairly easy IIRC (did that for 2.2.19).
> Well, the 2400/3400/3500 is not so easy, especially without the
> floats in kernel ;) I'd be glad to have some testers with these

Yep, that gave me a headache for a while as well (that code was never
tested on 3400 etc though, I don't think I ever sent it to Paul or you).

> machines to tell me if /proc/pmu & /proc/apm say sensible things
> about their batteries, and eventually compare against what Batmon
> or gkrellm-pmu says.

My Lombard is probably well supported; expect a patch if something's

> >/proc/pmu isn't in 2.4.7-pre3 ... I guess I need to try your tree once
> >again (Paulus' has the new MMU context code that completely breaks MOL,
> >that's another reason to switch back). 
> MOL has been fixed for some time now ;) The new MMU context code
> is in my tree as well, and I think in bk _2_4 now. Get the latest
> MOL rsync/bk tree.

MOL rsync? Do share ... 

> >I'll ask the apmd maintainer to remove m68k and powerpc from the
> >architecture list in the absence of complete APM support then. 
> Yup. I need to look at what apmd does and if it makes sense to
> provide support for it or not, but in the meantime, there's
> probably no need for it. That should be confirmed however.

It wasn't happy with /proc/apm alone, and I lost interest after that.


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