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Woody install problem with b-f 2.3.5

This is a two parter:

First, I know there's a later version of boot floppies (version 3.0.7), but
I'm in the middle of an install, working with what I've got...The install
fails at the part where it's supposed to mount /proc, with this message:
failed to mount -t proc proc /proc. The reason: /proc is already mounted.

I would upgrade to the latest b-f (this is the second part), but I can't
because I can't get back into the Mac OS. When I reboot, I reboot back into
Linux, which I can't have on a permanent basis because this machine (an iMac
Rev B) is at a school, and the kids need the Mac OS...So, how do I get back
to the Mac OS? What setting in OF do I change? Then I'll upgrade to a later
version of the b-f to see if that works...



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