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Re: Xfree4(.1) on Lombard?

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Colin Walters wrote:

}Christian Jaeger <christian.jaeger@sl.ethz.ch> writes:
}> Of course it didn't work out, after several hours of fiddling around
}> I see there are too many failed hunks. Maybe I would do it when I
}> know that I am really the first person building xfree4.1. Am I?
}I don't think you need to go to XFree 4.1 to get X running, though; I
}thought I've seen people report success with earlier XFree versions.

Been running XFree 3.3.6 on my Lombard for the last few months with
Potato 2.2r2.  This is the machine I am doing a lot of my thesis work
on, so I have not had the time or courage to do any further upgrades
after I got everything working ...

But if you need a working XF86Config file for 3.3.6 on a Lombard, let
me know and I can send it off to you.  I found this one on the web
somewhere, and I modified it slightly for my purposes.


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