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Re: Will debian work on a Powerbook 1400 (nubus)?

Hi Phil,
you wont get much help on this list. You need to go to
for info on installing on these machines (currently supports Debian,
YDL, LinuxPPC, MkLinux)
There are also links to the mailing list and kernel archive.
Be warned that support for the 1400 is not as good as some machines.
I think there are still issues with PCMCIA and external drive bays -
may have improved recently.

hope this helps,

Phil Frost said at ÒWill debian work on a Powerbook 1400 (nubus)?Ó.
[03/Jul/01Tue 04:47]

> I have found some messages in the ML archives about hacking debian
> onto a PB 1400, but every time I find a link to the hack it's
> broken :(
> Does anyone know if Debian can be put on to a nubus mac? I'm going
> to
> die if I don't have a command line soon :) ...
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