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Re: Pristine 2.2.19 kernel compile

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 12:08:19PM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
> I then attempted the 2.2.19 kernel from debian via apt-get, but no dice 
> there, either. Should there be more instructions listed about what to do once 
> I apt-get install 2.2.19? I remember seeing something about build 
> instructions, but I'm curious on two fronts: first, I want to know what I 
> need to do to build a working kernel (that I can use to run X with my Voodoo3 
> ;-) from the debian sources. Actually, I was able to compile the kernel and 
> boot from it, but I get tons of "unresolved symbol" errors...Second, I'm 
> curious because if there are special instructions, there should be a dialog 
> of some kind explaining what they are when the kernel-sources are installed. 

Did you read /usr/share/doc/kernel-source-2.2.19/debian.README.gz?
David Roundy

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